University Wide Business Intelligence & Analytics System

Project Updates

  • 11/18/2016 – Below are some of the items we have deployed:
    • Updated the CS – College Dashboard
    • New measures and attributes in the Degrees Subject Area
    • New measures and attributes in the Course Meetings & Instructors Subject Area
    • Data Dictionary page
    • New Quick Facts page
  • 11/09/2016 – Session 6 – Business Intelligence & Analytics Training
  • 10/24/2016 – We have added new measures and done several changes that might help you for reporting.
    • New measures (facts) in Enrollment Activity Subject Area
    • New measures (facts) in Course Meetings & Instructors Subject Area
    • Consolidate Courses and Course Meetings & Instructors Subject Areas
    • Subject Area Descriptions
    • More ways to share reports with you and among colleagues 
  • 09/02/2016 – Training for Business Intelligence is scheduled for the week of September 12th. The PantherSoft Business Intelligence Team will be contacting units in order to schedule personnel to attend.
  • 08/08/2016 – The FIU Business Intelligence & Analytics project is in the process of going live. Users who currently have QUERY VIEW access within PantherSoft Campus Solutions will have the ability to pull up reports and dashboards within the FIU BI application. For extended access to create reports, graphs and other analytics, please go to > access request.
  • 08/05/2016 – The FIU BI & Analytics project is in the process of deploying a College Dashboard with specific Admissions, Student Records, Degrees, Headcount and other useful data for reporting purposes.

Project Description

For almost ten years, FIU’s academic and administrative departments have been requesting and gathering data from multiple systems in order to make operational and strategic decisions.  Most of the data used by departments are derived from PantherSoft Campus Solutions, Human Resources and Financials systems.  Each department normally consumes the raw data and goes about interpreting the data in their own manner without a common data dictionary for reference.  The existing query tools are outdated and do not give users the ability to easily view, interpret and make decisions.  The FIU Business Intelligence & Analytics implementation seeks to bring together all relevant data sources by creating a long-term plan that leverages a University wide data warehouse with the appropriate web-based interface for FIU’s academic and administrative leaders.

Project Objectives

Project Scope

Key Success Factors