University Wide Business Intelligence & Analytics System

Project Updates

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  • Deployed Dashboards
    • Student:  Administrators Dashboard
    • Student:  College Dashboard
    • Student:  Enrollment Management & Services Dashboard
    • Student:  Grade Distribution Dashboard for Colleges
    • Human Resources:  HR Workforce Analytics Dashboard
    • Query Dashboard
    • Data Dictionary
    • Mobile:
      • Administrators Dashboard
      • Enrollment Management & Services Dashboard
      • Human Resources Workforce Dashboard
  • Deployed Subject Areas
    • Student Data
      • Admissions:  Applicant/Application Test Scores
      • Admissions:  Applicant/Application Details
      • Student:  Enrollment Activity
      • Student:  Financial Aid
      • Degrees
      • Courses & Instructors
      • Admissions:  PS Transactional Application Data
    • Daily Snapshots
      • Applications
      • Course Meetings & Instructors
      • Enrollment
    • Human Resources
      • Workforce Effectiveness
      • Workforce Deployment
  • Coming Soon:
    • Student:  eAdvisor
      • Advising Notes
      • Early Alerts
      • Availability
      • End of Term Alerts
      • Messages
    • Financials:  Tran Data / Pay Data
    • Financials
      • General Ledger
      • Budgetary Controls
      • Profitability
    • OneStop
      • Qnomy/Salesforce/Cisco

Project Description

For almost ten years, FIU’s academic and administrative departments have been requesting and gathering data from multiple systems in order to make operational and strategic decisions.  Most of the data used by departments are derived from PantherSoft Campus Solutions, Human Resources and Financials systems.  Each department normally consumes the raw data and goes about interpreting the data in their own manner without a common data dictionary for reference.  The existing query tools are outdated and do not give users the ability to easily view, interpret and make decisions.  The FIU Business Intelligence & Analytics implementation seeks to bring together all relevant data sources by creating a long-term plan that leverages a University wide data warehouse with the appropriate web-based interface for FIU’s academic and administrative leaders.

Project Objectives

Project Objectives

The objective of the project is to provide institutional leaders with easy access to strategic reports while providing departmental users with the ability to create on-demand reports and analytics based on common data models, as well as providing them the functionality to integrate other sources of data in order to make effective operational and strategic data-driven decisions.  The ability to get to the data, interpret the data, ask questions, get answers and make decisions based on the data is the ultimate long-term objective.

By implementing a university-wide business intelligence and analytics application we expect to:

  • Minimize the dependence on IT and Institutional Research for ad-hoc data requests
  • Provide users with prebuilt data cubes with common data elements that get them one step closer to answering relevant questions
  • Transition data consumers towards a different model of data delivery, one that is more visual, user-friendly and more flexible than our current mode

Project Scope

Project Scope

The first step of the project is the installation and implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence and Analytics solution. This will provide users’ data from Board of Governors reports, PantherSoft Campus Solutions, Financials, and Human Resources.  Additional sources of data will be included in the continued implementation roadmap of the project.

The project will initially focus on providing University leaders with baseline reports, dashboards and metrics for performance funding data.  This will allow departments/units to align their operations towards maintaining, improving and/or surpassing performance metrics goals within their individual academic or administrative departments.  The key to this aspect of the project will be the creation of common data models based on PantherSoft Campus Solutions data.

The project will then focus on deploying additional Human Resources and Financials reports, dashboards and metrics to help departments/units get a better view of non-academic data and impact on operational and strategic goals. Integration of data from numerous PeopleSoft systems will ease development of reports related to cost per degree and faculty workload.

The long-term scope of the project is to extend the reach of data integration and reporting to non-PeopleSoft systems (like Salesforce, FAMIS, Razors Edge, Blackboard) that are used in operational matters within specific departments that interact with student, faculty and staff, and that have a relative impact on the success of FIU as measured by performance metrics funding and the 2020 Beyond Possible Strategic Plan.


Key Success Factors

Key Success Factors

There are several key success factors in the implementation of an enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics application.

  • Executive support for overall project objectives by the President, Provost and CFO
  • Having key personnel understand and communicate overall vision
  • Partnership between IT and core offices (Institutional Research, administrative and/or academic)
  • Data quality and common definitions
  • Alignment with FIU’s 2020 strategic goals
  • Quality and expertise of internal BI and BOG reporting staff
  • Availability of key internal resources and subject areas
  • Development of new resources and training of existing resources to support project and ongoing operation
  • Appropriate and effective business intelligence tools
  • Training for user community
  • Appropriate and scalable infrastructure
  • Long-term vision for the delivery of functionality



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