University Wide Business Intelligence & Analytics System

Project Updates

  • Follow all Business Intelligence deployment updates on Be Informed (B.I.).
  • Deployed Dashboards
    • Student:  Administrators Dashboard
    • Student:  College Dashboard
    • Student:  Enrollment Management & Services Dashboard
    • Student:  Grade Distribution Dashboard for Colleges
    • Human Resources:  HR Workforce Analytics Dashboard
    • Query Dashboard
    • Data Dictionary
    • Mobile:
      • Administrators Dashboard
      • Enrollment Management & Services Dashboard
      • Human Resources Workforce Dashboard
  • Deployed Subject Areas
    • Student Data
      • Admissions:  Applicant/Application Test Scores
      • Admissions:  Applicant/Application Details
      • Student:  Enrollment Activity
      • Student:  Financial Aid
      • Degrees
      • Courses & Instructors
      • Admissions:  PS Transactional Application Data
    • Daily Snapshots
      • Applications
      • Course Meetings & Instructors
      • Enrollment
    • Human Resources
      • Workforce Effectiveness
      • Workforce Deployment
  • Coming Soon:
    • Student:  eAdvisor
      • Advising Notes
      • Early Alerts
      • Availability
      • End of Term Alerts
      • Messages
    • Financials:  Tran Data / Pay Data
    • Financials
      • General Ledger
      • Budgetary Controls
      • Profitability
    • OneStop
      • Qnomy/Salesforce/Cisco

Project Description

For almost ten years, FIU’s academic and administrative departments have been requesting and gathering data from multiple systems in order to make operational and strategic decisions.  Most of the data used by departments are derived from PantherSoft Campus Solutions, Human Resources and Financials systems.  Each department normally consumes the raw data and goes about interpreting the data in their own manner without a common data dictionary for reference.  The existing query tools are outdated and do not give users the ability to easily view, interpret and make decisions.  The FIU Business Intelligence & Analytics implementation seeks to bring together all relevant data sources by creating a long-term plan that leverages a University wide data warehouse with the appropriate web-based interface for FIU’s academic and administrative leaders.

Project Objectives

Project Scope

Key Success Factors