MyFIU Grade Import

In order to import grades you must first create a comma delimited (CSV) file containing the IDs and final grades of all students in your grade roster.

A CSV file is a plain-text file where each line represents a record. Each record value is separated by a comma. The example below shows the contents of a CSV file used to import grades. There is no header row needed:

1234567, A
0987654, B+
2345678, C

Most spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, are capable of creating CSV files by saving as a different file type. You may also use a plain text editor, such as Notepad, to create a comma delimited file.  Download a Grade Import Template CSV file and use it as a guide to import your own grades.

Here is how the grade import CSV file looks like in Excel and in plain text:


Once you have created your CSV file, follow the instructions below to import your grades:

1. Login to MyFIU and click on “Faculty / My Schedule”

2. Click on the Grade Roster icon.

3. Click on “Import Grades”.

4. Make sure your CSV file containing PantherIDs and Final Grades matches the template format below, then click on “Select File”.

5. Click on “Choose File…” to select the CSV file from your computer.

6. Click “Upload” to start the import process.

7. Review grades and click “Import Grades”.

8. Review the roster and fill out any grades that were not imported as well as additional information for F grades and incompletes.

9. Submit and Save.


How do I create a CSV file?

You can use a plain text editor such as Notepad or a spreadsheet program such as Excel. You can also download a template and paste in the PantherIDs and Final Grades. Make sure the file follows the example at the top of this page.

I use Canvas/Moodle. Can I download their gradebook and import it in MyFIU?

Yes. You have two options. Option 1 is deleting all unnecessary columns and leaving only PantherID and Final Grade, removing the header row, then saving the file as CSV. Option 2 is copying the PantherID and Final Grade columns into a new file and saving that as CSV. Here are instructions for importing a Canvas gradebook into MyFIU.

I teach many sections of the same course, do I need one file per section?

No. We only import the rows that contain IDs present in the grade roster you are currently viewing. As long as the PantherIDs are unique, they can all be in one file. You would keep on selecting the same file every time you upload into a different section. This is particularly useful for cross-listed courses in Canvas where all sections share one gradebook.

The file I imported has errors, what do I do?

It is your choice. We will only import valid rows. If any errors are found, you can fix the file and try again, or manually enter grades for invalid rows directly in the grade roster.