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PantherSoft User Interface (UI) Redesign

Project Description

Starting this summer, PantherSoft Human Resources (HR), PantherSoft Financials, Portal (MyFIU), and PantherSoft Campus Solutions applications will adopt a new look and feel.  The project seeks to benefit all applicants, students, faculty and staff by providing an enhanced, modern user interface.

Project Objectives

The goal of the PantherSoft User Interface (UI) Redesign Project is to provide students, faculty and staff with a more modern user experience, while at the same time implementing the latest web technologies to leverage analytics, workflows and mobile.

Project Timeline & Milestones

The UI redesign will be completed in stages. PantherSoft HR will go-live in July, PantherSoft Financials, and PantherSoft Campus Solutions (MyFIU) will follow in the fall. The way users navigate and interact with familiar functions in MyFIU will begin to change once PantherSoft HR has been upgraded.

Summer 2018

July:  Human Resources – New user interface with new navigation bar and “navigator”

July:  MyFIU Portal – New navigation bar and “navigator”

Fall 2018

October:  Financials – New user interface with new navigation bar and “navigator”

November:  Campus Solutions & MyFIU Portal – New user interface with new navigation bar and “navigator”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

General Questions

Why are we redesigning the user interface?

The current PantherSoft user interface has been live for a number of years and has provided us with great value and stability, but there have been recent upgrades to the PantherSoft applications that provide the enhanced technologies that will allow FIU to implement and leverage a more modern design for all users.

How will the new user interface affect me?

Students, faculty & staff using MyFIU & Campus Solutions:  In July, the only change to MyFIU will be the new navigation bar and “navigator” on the top right-hand side of the portal.  The new user interface for MyFIU and Campus Solutions will be live in November of 2018.

Employees using MyFIU & Human Resources: In July, the only change to MyFIU will be the new navigation bar and “navigator” on the top right-hand side of the portal. However, Employee and Manager Self-Service, will be live with the new user interface.

Employees using MyFIU & Financials:  In July, the only change to MyFIU will be the new navigation bar and “navigator” on the top right-hand side of the portal.  Financials will begin using the new user interface in October of 2018.

What is the new interface?

The “new interface” refers to the enhanced user interface that will be deployed for all PantherSoft applications.

While PantherSoft HR will be the first on the new user interface, the MyFIU Portal will take on the same navigation bar in anticipation of the transition of Financials and Campus Solutions.

What is the new navigation?

The new navigation for MyFIU and Human Resources will include:

A new navigation header

New “Home” Button

New “Notification” Button

New “Actions” Button

With page-by-page actions

New “Navigation” Button

With access to the NavBar & Navigator

Where is my menu?

MyFIU users will be able to use both the navigation breadcrumbs…

or the new “Navigator” by clicking the Navigation button.

Navigation Button: 


How do I use the Navigator?

The new “Navigator” is easy to use.

The new “Navigator” can accessed by clicking the Navigation button on the top-right hand corner of the page.

Navigation Button: 

And by clicking the “Navigator” icon from the the NavBar.


And then clicking the menu and page you would like to access.

Menu item and page:



What are Recent Places?

You can access “Recent Places” you have visited by clicking the “Navigation” Button: 

Then, click on the “Recent Places” icon:

How do I manage My Favorites?

You can add pages to “My Favorites” by clicking the “Actions” Button:

Then, click the “Add to Favorites” link:

Once you have added pages to your favorites, you can manage your favorites by clicking the “Navigation” Button: 

Then, click on the “My Favorites” icon, and “Edit Favorites

How do I Sign Out?

You can Sign Out of PantherSoft MyFIU and Human Resources by:

1. Clicking the button.

2. Then click the “Sign Out” button:


Human Resources

Where are my navigation breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs have been replaced with a stacking option, which is part of the Navigator.


How do I personalize my homepage?

Users can personalize their home page by clicking the “Actions” icon and then selecting “Personalize Homepage.”  The “Personalize Homepage” will give users the ability to add a tile, remove, and/or rearrange existing tiles on their homepage.

How do I get trained?

As we get closer to the go-live date, the Division of Human Resources will be sending important information, training and manuals, and their webinar schedule. In the meantime, users are encouraged to review Oracle’s training videos to become familiar with new functionalities.

What are homepages?

Homepages consist of a collection of tiles that provides users with quick access to useful information when they log on to PantherSoft HR. The Homepages can be organized and delivered to end-users with content appropriate tiles depending on the users role.

What are tiles?

Tiles provides a new PeopleSoft navigational and informational structure. It allows the users a quick way to perform routine tasks, such as approval of pending transactions, time entry, or performance management. Tiles gives users direct access to targeted transactions.

What will the new employee homepage look like?

The new employee homepage will be the user’s center for navigation. It will feature transactions and data (tiles) most frequently accessed by the user.

What will the new manager homepage look like?

The new manager homepage will show tiles for those transactions for data a manager accesses most frequently.

What will the new HR Liaison homepage look like?

The new HR Liaison homepage will show tiles for those transactions or data an HR Liaison accesses most frequently.

Where is the Manager Dashboard?

The Manager Dashboard will be replaced with the Manager Homepage. Most of the information will be found in the Employee Snapshot, My Team, Manage Recruitment, and in the View Total Rewards tiles.

How do I approve transactions?

Users will now approve transactions by clicking on the “Pending Approvals” tile.

Additional Materials

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