Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics


PantherSoft manages and supports reporting, data and analytics needs for all operational departments, managers and executives through transactional queries, as well as an enterprise data warehouse comprising of data from internal FIU and external sources.

FIU Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics serves as the central repository for a variety of institutional reporting, dashboard and analytics needs.

Access to the BI System:

To request access to BI roles, navigate in the MyFIU portal to MyFIU > Employee Tab > BI Access Request System.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Link: FIU’s Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Platform

Available Data Sources:

BOG Data – Admissions, Financial Aid, Enrollment, Courses & Meeting Patterns, Degrees, Retention/Graduation
Campus Solutions Transactional – Admissions, Financial Aid, Enrollment, Courses, Instructors
Financials Transactional – Tran Data/Pay Data
Human Resources Transactional – Workforce Management, OSU Faculty Data, Compensation
EMS – Room and event management data
PantherConnect – Student Engagement (clubs, fraternities, etc.)

For questions or inquiries, please email psbi@fiu.edu.

Data Examples:

Queries & Reporting Requests

Option 1:  The best way to view and report from enterprise data sources is FIU’s Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Platform.

Option 2:  If you would like to request a query or report to be created using specific data in PantherSoft Campus Solutions, please use the form below:

PantherSoft Query Request Form

If you already have access to PantherSoft Reporting environments and would like to login to run queries, please use the application links below:

Campus Solutions Reporting

Financials Reporting

Human Resources Reporting

 *To access the PantherSoft Reporting Systems, please use your VPN and the link to any of the production environments above.