Faculty & Staff

For FIU faculty and staff, PantherSoft offers the PeopleSoft Student-Campus Solutions, Financials, and Human Resources systems, which are all managed through the MyFIU portal.

In addition to the systems managed and integrated through MyFIU, PantherSoft also supports and maintains FIU’s imaging and document management systems, ImageNow.

Access to the PantherSoft systems depends on your role within the university. To gain access to the PantherSoft Student-Campus Solutions and Financials systems, you will need to complete an Access Request Form.

Access Request

If you need additional access to PantherSoft related to your job role at FIU, please use the forms below to request it.


MyFIU is the gateway for many online solutions for students, faculty, and staff at FIU. It enables you to view all your information from one place. Through MyFIU, you have access to Student-Campus Solutions, Financials, and Human Resources systems. Since MyFIU is web-based, you will have access to your account 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The only exceptions are for any scheduled maintenance activities and/or upgrades to the System.

As an employee, and you will be able to access HR information, including:

  • Payroll
  • Time & Labor
  • Benefits
  • Leave

As a faculty member and/or advisor you will be able to access:

  • Your class roster
  • Student information
  • Advisor dashboards

To log in, visit my.fiu.edu. You will need your FIU Panther ID, which is a 7 digit identification number, or your FIU username and password to access MyFIU.

The first time you log on to MyFIU you will be prompted to change your password and setup your account recovery information.

Student Campus Solutions

The Student-Campus Solutions system has online capabilities that facilitate business processes within the University, and allow students to have easier access to their records and information through self-service capabilities.

If you require access to the Panther Student-Campus Solutions system please complete an Access Request Form and follow the instructions provided.

Online Training and Guides & Tutorials are available to help you navigate the system.


The PantherSoft Financials system creates a more flexible and better reporting structure that allows for key business processes to be directed more efficiently.

If you require access to the PantherSoft Financials system please complete an Access Request Form and follow the instructions provided.

Online Training and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available through the Controller’s Office.

Contact the Financials Systems and Support Services Call Center at 305.348.7200 to assist you with any transactions related to the PantherSoft Financials system.

Drill Down

The following files are needed to activate the DrillDown functionality on your computer.

(Right Click this link and select “Save Target As” to place the file into the “My Documents” folder on your computer.)

If you have any questions concerning these instructions, please contact the Financial Systems and Support Services team at 305.348.7200.

Human Resources

PantherSoft Human Resources, which is fully integrated with our Campus Solutions and Financials applications, supports the end-to-end business processes of the University. Including payroll, recruitment, employee self-service and much more.

Some managers might require additional roles within the HR system. To request access for additional roles in the Human Resources portal navigate to Human Resources Self Service > Employee Self Service > Access Request System.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics, which is fully integrated with our Campus Solutions, Human Resources and Financials applications, supports the end-to-end reporting and analytics for the University.

To request access for additional roles in the MyFIU portal navigate to MyFIU > Employee Tab > BI Access Request System.

FIU Business Intelligence Application

FIU Mobile

FIU Mobile offers the university community the flexibility to always stay connected to FIU, even while on-the-go. Faculty and staff can view their class rosters, human resources, payroll, benefits information, financials travel approvals and more.

Through FIU Mobile, you also have access to other features that helps you further manage your life at FIU, including:

  • Places: Search for dining. Retail, ATM, and tour locations and hours of operation
  • Transit: Track CATS and Golden Panther Express shuttles as they travel through FIU’s campuses, and find the nearest Panther Mover within an FIU campus
  • Parking: View real-time information on available parking spaces at FIU’s parking lots and garages
  • FIU News: Learn about important FIU news and events
  • Athletics: Stay up-to-date with FIU Athletics. Watch online and check scores through FIU
  • Emergencies: Check which number to call in case of an emergency.

To start using FIU Mobile, download the app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Perceptive ImageNow is FIU’s enterprise document imaging and document workflow approvals solution.  We support over 20 departments using ImageNow for their scanning, forms and workflow processing.

Microsoft Windows 10 and ImageNow Compatibility

ImageNow Power Users:

Perceptive Software does not have immediate support for Microsoft’s new Edge browser, released with Windows 10. Application Plans and LearnModes will not work. This means users will not be able to index their documents and save them into ImageNow. We encourage everyone to keep using Internet Explorer until further notice. We are working internally to see if it is possible to retrofit LearnModes to work with Windows 10 Edge. We will post updates as we have them.

eForm Compatibility

Perceptive eForms are electronic forms that are completed and submitted through a web browser.  We recommend the latest version of Java 7 since it is the latest version officially supported by Perceptive and will have the most up-to-date security patches.

To install it, go to java.com in your preferred browser and click “Free Java Download.”

If you perform a manual installation of the Java plugin (i.e., you pick the version), make sure you download the Java plugin for the correct operating system and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit). For 64-bit machines, it is a good idea to install both the 64- and 32-bit versions as some operating systems contain browsers of both builds.

NOTE: you cannot install Java for the Chrome browser on a 64-bit Mac. This is a restriction of the Chrome browser, not Perceptive Software (eForms).

NOTE: Java 8 is not yet officially supported for eForms but still seems to work fine. If you encounter any errors or odd behavior with eForms and you have this version installed, please contact the ImageNow team and report it.

Web Browser

eForms can be submitted through any of the following web browsers:



  • WARNING: recent Java updates prevent the file attachment feature from working correctly when using Safari


  • This is the preferred browser for Mac since it is reliable and has not reported issues
  • Before first-time use, you may need to manually activate the plugin
  • Opera (not fully tested)



  • Before first-time use, you may need to manually activate the plugin
  • Safari for Windows (not fully tested)

Internet Explorer (32- and 64-bit)

  • Make sure you match the architecture type of the browser and Java plugin (64-bit Java for the 64-bit version of IE and 32-bit Java for the 32-bit version of IE.

Edge Browser

  • Microsoft’s Edge browser is not currently supported.

iOS & Adroid OS Devices

Perceptive eForms and WebNow are not currently supported on devices running iOS or Android OS. A mobile app for these operating systems is on Perceptive’s product road map for future release.